What is flexible impact protection?

The alternative to standard steel impact protection

Flexible impact protection consists of a polymer material which, due to its special properties, reacts flexibly to impact damage and returns to its original state. This avoids and reduces costly and extensive damage to the impact protection product itself, as well as to industrial trucks, building parts and inventory. At the same time, people are protected from potential accidents at work.

More safety thanks to deflection zone and memory effect

In the course of an impact, the impact protection product deforms and thus significantly buffers potential damage. The deflection zone calculated during the installation of the products ensures the necessary safety distance to the parts of the building to be protected. Afterwards, the material of the flexible impact protection returns automatically to its original position.

What types of flexible impact protection are there?

From barriers and railings for industrial traffic, storage and production zones with swing doors and dock gates, to shelf protection, column and post protection, flexible bollards and floor barriers.

Where to use flexible impact protection?

Flexible impact protection is suitable for all industrial sectors and industries

From the food industry, machine and vehicle construction, logistics and freight forwarding to the public and construction sectors.

Special range of application due to enormous temperature resistance

The products are suitable for an application range from -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.
The material used cannot corrode and does not take damage from chemicals used in the chemical industry, for example.

Every area protected with the right product

The flexible impact protection products, properly planned and used, protect every industrial business area. By absorbing the impact energy, damage is prevented and costs are minimised by eliminating the need for costly repairs and replacement of damaged impact protection, vehicles and inventory.

What are the advantages of flexible impact protection?

Special material properties of the polymer material used

Sustainability right from the start

The polymer material is particularly light. It is produced with lower emissions than comparable impact protection products made of other materials and 30% recycled material is already used in the production process.
The finished products are 100% recyclable and sustainably protect the environment.

Deformable with special usage properties for the protection of inventory, people and industrial trucks / forklifts

The chemically resistant material returns to its original shape after an impact, thus ensuring significant financial savings potential by preventing damage. Tear-out of the products is effectively prevented by the energy absorption in the event of an impact. The black and yellow colour of the products ensures good visibility and presents a well and cleanly protected company area around machines, drive ways and racking systems.

Modular and customisable impact protection barriers

All d-flexx products can be planned modularly and/or individually. This means that superstructures according to exact plans, including angles and door sections, are individually possible for every requirement. The products can also be combined with each other to create a uniform image within the company. Fixed units are available for standard dimensions and can be delivered pre-assembled.

Simple installation that is gentle on the building floors

Most of the flexible impact protection products are delivered pre-assembled.

They are anchored to the ground using the fixing ground anchors supplied. This type of fastening ensures safe protection during use and saves considerable assembly and maintenance costs. It is not possible for the floor anchors to tear out in the event of a collision, thus protecting the hall floor. The uprights available in the products are connected to the posts by so-called "locking-pins". These are also included in the scope of delivery.