If you or your customer want to return one or more articles or are dissatisfied with them, please proceed as follows to ensure smooth processing:

Cancelling because of discontent:

If you or your customer are not satisfied with your delivery, you can return the goods within 14 days after invoice date. The invoice date always corresponds to the delivery date. Please contact us in advance at service(at)dancop.com.
Please state the order number and which goods you wish to return. Please label the goods sufficiently so we can identify sender and process. We reserve the right to dispose of unidentifiable goods without contact after a period of 4 weeks.

We point out that in this case you have to return the goods as well as pay the shipping costs yourself. If pick-up by a forwarding company is necessary and organized by us, the costs for this will be charged with surcharge of a small processing fee or deducted from the credit note. Please understand that we can only provide you with a credit note if the goods are received within a reasonable time in perfect, resalable condition, in original packaging and without any signs of wear and tear.
Should the goods not arrive in this condition, we will immediately inform the sender and hold the goods at the customer’s disposal for one week. At the end of this period, we will dispose of the goods.
This right of return does not apply to custom-made products, to customized lengths of warning and protection profiles or individual length products of the d-flexx range.

Please return the goods to
Dancop International GmbH
Wilhelm-Rausch-Straße 15
D - 31228 Peine

The invoice is canceled via a corresponding credit note less a processing fee of 15,- EUR plus the freight service share (at delivery term free of charge).

Transport damage:

Our offer aims at commercial customers, therefore, in the context of receiving goods, the commercial obligations under §377 of the German code of commerce apply. This includes the thorough control of external damage prior to the mere receipt to the transferring transport service provider, or alternatively the confirmation of the damage upon delivery by and from the transport service provider, if damage is visible. This can be done in written form or directly on the carrier’s PDA. In any case, you need a written confirmation from the person handing over the goods including signature. Please understand that we cannot accept claims for transport damages without a refused acceptance due to transport damage or the acknowledgment of the damage by the driver.

If you have received defective goods and have the damage correctly acknowledged by the driver, please contact us immediately, as the damage report must be reported to the transport service provider at once.

If, contrary to expectations, the goods are damaged inside an intact transport packaging, please contact us for regulation.

Product defect / wrong product received / too few goods received

If you notice a product defect within the statutory warranty period or our product-specific functional warranty periods, please contact service(at)dancop.com, stating the order or invoice number for regulation.

In this case, please send us pictures of the defect as well as, with mirrors, pictures of the production number, which is printed on the backside of the frame or lasered into the mirror shell and/or surface. You will find it edged into the long side.

Please note the maximum size of 10 Mb per email.

If you have not received your goods as ordered, please contact us immediately. In this case, of course, we take over the organization and the costs of the return shipment. Claims for incorrect or short delivery cannot be accepted after expiry of 14 days after invoice date.