Aggressive, corrosive or toxic substances require special environments

The chemical industry is characterized by the handling and processing of often aggressive, corrosive or toxic substances.

An accident at work while handling these substances can pose a major health hazard for employees as well as causing considerable financial damage due to the loss of machinery and skilled workers. A collision with production machines, operating stations, storage areas and conveyor systems must therefore be avoided at all costs.

D-flexx consists of chemically resistant polymer material, aggressive substances cannot harm the product. Steel collision protection is the wrong choice in production and filling areas of the chemical industry. Steel can corrode in aggressive working environments and release particles over time. In addition, corrosion reduces the strength of the material and the impact protection products can no longer provide sufficient protection.

With d-flexx these problems are a thing of the past! Our flexible collision protection made of polymer material can withstand any environment, even the often high temperatures in chemical production are no problem. D-flexx works in a temperature range from -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.