Food and Beverage Industry

Two premises in particular apply to the production of food: Absolute cleanliness and the avoidance of foreign particles in the sensitive production and filling areas.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The production of medical and pharmaceutical products is one of the most sensitive areas of the manufacturing industry.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is characterised by the handling and processing of often aggressive, corrosive or toxic substances.

Automotive Industry and Mechanical Engineering

An uncompromising collision protection system which absorbs even high impact loads due to its flexibility and thus protects man and machine perfectly.

International Transport and Logistics

Shelves and gate systems, loading stations, loading areas as well as hall walls and columns always perfectly protected

Public Sector

It is not only in industry that large loads and heavy vehicles are moved. Adequate collision protection is also an increasingly important issue in the municipal/urban sector and in military facilities.

Construction Sector

As the demands on quality, safety and sustainability of almost all trades and components are constantly increasing, collision protection must also be included in this quality concept.