Prevention leads sustainably to a better life!

Sustainability - a topic that concerns us all

However, it is not enough just to fly the flag, because sustainability must be lived by every individual. We believe that manufacturing companies in particular have a duty to do this, as the potential for a major contribution to climate protection is considerable. d-flexx makes its contribution, not only to the benefit of our planet - but also to yours. We would be happy to explain how you can keep your ecological footprint as small as possible with d-flexx:

d-flexx is resource-friendly

Considerable amounts of CO2 and water are consumed in the production of steel crash barriers. The manufacture of our flexible d-flexx plastic products, on the other hand, produces one third fewer emissions in comparison. But there is a second factor that also comes into play: Due to the significantly lower replacement requirement, considerably less has to be produced overall. Better for the environment, better for us.

Steel production requires huge amounts of space. These could be better used by nature. Plastics production requires considerably less space. With d-flexx, you are therefore making an active contribution to avoiding further surface sealing.

d-flexx is 100% recyclable

Each of our products can be returned to the cycle. Due to its structure, the polymer material we use is perfectly suitable for complete recycling. The plastic granulate obtained not only serves as the basis for new flexible impact protection. No, almost everything can be produced with it.

Thanks to the perfect recycling rate, no plastic waste ends up in the environment. d-flexx stays exactly where it should be: As uncompromising impact protection in your company - ready to take on any shape and function in its second life. In detail this means: d-flexx does not cause microplastics or plastic waste in our rivers and seas, which pollutes our environment and generations of people after us.

Use of recycled material

30% recycled material is already being used in the production of our d-flexx product range. But this quota is only the beginning. We are continuously working on increasing the proportion even further in order to perfect the material cycle.

Our goal is to ensure that all d-flexx products consist of at least 80% recycled material.

Fully through-coloured and lightweight

d-flexx consists of fully dyed polymer material. We do not use any applied varnish or paint. These are usually environmentally harmful and can be released into the environment through collision damage. Not with us.

Due to the significantly lower specific weight of our plastic material, considerably more goods per kilogram can be transported. A considerable amount of CO2, nitrogen oxides and fine dust can be saved during transport. This is not only good for our lungs, but also helps to counteract climate change.